Providing counselling, therapy and support  


  • help you learn about yourself and your strengths
  • help you find the ability to heal and overcome life challenges & difficulties
  • maximize your coping skills
  • create the meaningful life you want

why would I need counselling?

Is your mood affecting relationships, work, school, marriage, or parenting?  

Balance your mind counselling can help you with:

  • anxiety, nervousness, or panic 
  • depression 
  • constant worrying
  • self esteem difficulties
  • loss of someone or something you love (a family member, a friend, a job, a marriage, or a pregnancy loss)
  • infertility
  • making sense and meaning from life challenges and losses
  • coping with medical diagnosis or challenges
  • recovery from a traumatic event

Experiencing a life event that is "not normal" in your everyday life, can be traumatic.  Counselling can help if you are having difficulty "getting back to normal". 



Contact Information:

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